Blue Dog Scrunchies Watch Band

Blue Dog Scrunchies Watch Band

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A scrunchies watch band is typically made of soft and stretchy fabric. Popular materials used to make scrunchies watch bands include cotton, satin, velvet, and elastic. These materials provide a comfortable and flexible fit around the wrist, allowing the band to easily stretch and adjust to different wrist sizes. The fabric used is often chosen for its durability and ability to hold its shape, ensuring that the scrunchies watch band maintains its elasticity and form even with regular wear. Additionally, the choice of fabric allows for a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, giving the scrunchies watch band its playful and stylish appearance.


  • Small/Medium - 6 to 7 inches (Seller recommended size / Standard Size)
  • Medium/Large - 8 to 9 inches

Apple Watch Compatibility:

  • 38/40/41mm
  • 42/44/45mm


How do I measure my watch band size? (See Photo listing for guideline on how to)

To measure your wrist size for an elastic watch band, follow these steps:

1. Get a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper and a ruler.

2. Wrap the measuring tape or strip of paper snugly around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose. If you are using a strip of paper, mark the point where it overlaps.

3. If you used a measuring tape, note the measurement in inches or centimeters. If you used a strip of paper, measure the distance between the marked point and the edge of the paper with a ruler.

4. This measurement is your wrist size.

When selecting an elastic watch band, consider choosing one that has a slightly larger size than your wrist measurement. This allows for a comfortable fit and ensures that the band is not too tight or restrictive. Elastic watch bands are designed to stretch and accommodate different wrist sizes, so there is usually some flexibility in the fit.


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